Hack in the Box Security Conference 2019

Make variant analysis work for you


Join us at Hack in the Box security conference where we at Semmle are excited to share how we are securing the software that runs the world.


  • Presentation “mbuf overflow: finding vulnerabilities in iOS/macOS networking code”: Kev Backhouse, Semmle Security Research Engineer sheds light on the XNU vulnerabilities he recently discovered and how you can use custom taint analysis to find them.
    • Location: Track 1
    • Date: Thursday, May 9th
    • Time: 11:30am - 12:30am
  • Crack the code with your first QL query: Join the #SegvHunt challenge and test your vulnerability-hunting skills to win cool prizes and gain points towards the Haxpo Capture the Flag challenge

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At Semmle, we are pioneering new techniques in variant analysis to quickly discover new vulnerabilities and their variants in any codebase within hours rather than weeks. Top security teams at Microsoft, Google and Uber use Semmle to protect their customers. 

Our vision is to secure software, together. With over 1600 QL queries contributed by the Semmle Security Research Team in partnership with our growing customer community, your security team is instantly extended with the capabilities of the top security researchers on the planet. 

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