Software Excellence at Murex

murexMurex is a leader in software development in trading, risk management and processing for banks, asset managers, corporations and utilities. Headquartered in France, Murex has distributed software development teams in Europe. Asia Pacific, China, and the Americas.

Creating a culture of engineering excellence

With over 40,000 users depending on the award-winning Murex software, engineering excellence is critically important to the company’s mission. To that end, Murex established a group with the aim of promoting software excellence: Methods and Assistance to Developers (MAD). Xavier René-Corail, the founder of the MAD team commented: “Murex is a fast-growing organization of highly talented developers. In establishing the MAD team our aim was to spread best practices and help everyone achieve the highest standards.”

The Semmle difference: transparency and motivation

Murex made Semmle an important part of their engineering culture. Semmle enabled the entire team to visualize the quantity and quality of source code change contributions over time, at project, and individual developer levels. This transparency and feedback inspired team members to continuously improve. Improvement was also facilitated by detailed recommendations Semmle made to  developers on how and where to improve code.

Semmle enabled the MAD team to deliver cost savings by promoting software excellence – satisfying both business executives and software teams. Xavier René-Corail says: “Making trends over time visible strongly motivates everyone on the team to show they’re improving the code.”

Semmle QL reduces refactoring time by 30%

Semmle has also been valuable in planning code improvement (“refactoring”) projects. Using the Semmle QL code query language, architects at Murex were able to identify and quantify deviations from the intended future structure of the software, and monitor progress towards correcting those deviations. These custom queries were eventually added to the Murex software build processes in order to flag deviations before they entered the main codeline.

Experts from Semmle helped the Murex team master code exploration with QL. Johnny Mkhael, who worked closely with the Semmle consultants onsite, said: “The Semmle team is technically very knowledgeable and passionate about delivering excellence. They are a true extension of our team and achieved amazing results in a very short time.”

Semmle delivers

  • Higher standards: Semmle enables everyone to see the trends in code quality, motivating everyone to deliver higher standards of work.
  • Reduced costs: Murex estimates that it has achieved a 30% reduction in developer time on structural improvement projects
  • Reduced corrections: improvements in software quality facilitated by Semmle have delivered a 10% reduction in corrective maintenance time.
  • Better memory utilization: Murex used Semmle’s QL capabilities to automatically identify opportunities for improving memory usage.