GitHub Change Impact

Change is constant in software R&D

Software development infrastructure and process constantly evolve. These changes are meant to help you improve software delivery as you grow. Semmle engineering analytics can show you how they actually affect productivity and quality.

Insight: moving to Git improves code quality

When code (or another project resource) breaks a rule of coding best practices (as defined by each customer), Semmle analysis triggers an alert. The Semmle visualizations below are from actual customers. The charts show how the number of alerts dropped steadily after switching from an older software change management system to Git. Git facilitates thorough code reviews, which results in the elimination of errors, bugs, and maintainability issues before changes are included in a code base or release.

Semmle shows GitHub code review effect on code quality

Customer 2 - Git code reviews reduce alerts

In the graphs above, the blue lines show a steady upward trend in net new alerts prior to the switch to Git. Semmle confirms that the number of net new alerts in the code flattens out after the migration to Git. These projects now contain fewer bugs, and will become less expensive to maintain.

Semmle leads to broader adoption of, and ROI in, Git

At these customers, Semmle provided proof that the switch to Git paid off by raising the coding quality. Based on this evidence, each Semmle customer ended up accelerating the adoption of Git in other parts of the organization in order to increase its beneficial effects.

If no change had been shown, the teams could have discussed ways to modify their usage to improve results. In either event, the insight Semmle provides helps teams make better decisions about adopting new development technologies and approaches.

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