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Documentation engineer

Are you a software engineer who loves explaining complex ideas to others? Do you enjoy programming and want to use your existing skills to help others to write cleaner, more effective code? Are you looking for a role that will allow you to influence quality assurance, product development, user assistance and training?



Semmle are looking to strengthen their documentation team with an engineer who designs for other engineers. You would join Semmle’s highly talented team of technical experts in their office in central Oxford.


Semmle already has a team of technical writers, who are embedded with the development team. You would work as a key member of the development team, improving usability of our software by:

  • Providing user assistance for technical users
  • Providing feedback on the usability of new features
  • Helping to design user assistance and training
  • Suggesting improvements to workflows

We don’t have a list of specific qualifications but you need to be able to demonstrate a proven ability to structure and present highly technical information in a clear manner, and to be proficient in several programming languages. Intelligence, creativity, and a good attitude are more important than your precise experience and credentials.


About Semmle

See the main Careers page for an introduction to the company. You may also find our StackOverflow company page interesting as it’s written and maintained by the development team.


Apply now

To find out more or to apply, send your CV direct to us at: