Semmle has grown from a small spinout from the University of Oxford into an international company, backed by a top-tier venture capital firm.

If you share our passion for software development, we’d like to talk to you. Don’t worry too much about experience — we believe raw talent matters most. Working for Semmle means:

  • Cool stuff to work on – compilers, Datalog query optimizers, tools, and such
  • Relaxed and quiet working environment
  • Freedom to explore a task and implement the best solution without interference
  • Genuinely new ideas: not just variations on existing themes
  • Everyone counts: your work is important and you’re not just another cog in the machine
  • Fluid company structure: you can experiment and move into new areas
  • Flexible working hours and no dress code

Job Openings

We’re currently looking for people for the following roles:

If you don't feel like you're the perfect fit for any of our current job listings, reach out to us via email at with a motivation and your resume.

We do not respond to any agency applications, phone calls or emails.